Get ORC-20 token details by tickId.

tick_idInscription ID of the Tick upon successful initial deployment.
tickTicker: symbol of ORC-20 in any size and case-insensitive, eg. ORC = orc
inscription_idThe inscription ID of the tick deployment.
inscription_numberThe inscription number of the tick deployment.
deployerCurrent owner of the Tick
deploy_timeDeployment time of Tick
maxMax Supply: set max token supply, default to infinite unless explicitly specify, limited to uint256
mintedThe valid minted quantity for the tick.
limitMint Limit: max amount can be minted per ordinal
last_mint_timeThe last valid on-chain minting time for the tick
upgrade_timeThe most recent upgrade time for the tick.
upgrade_listThe list of deployment and upgrade events of the tick.
upgrade_list[i].timeThe deployment and upgrade change time of the tick, represented as a 10-digit timestamp.
upgrade_list[i].inscription_idThe inscription ID at the time of tick deployment and upgrade change.
upgrade_list[i].inscription_numberThe inscription number at the time of tick deployment and upgrade change.
upgrade_list[i].eventThe events at the time of tick deployment and upgrade change.
eg. transfer-upgrade, inscribe-deploy
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